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Monday, June 25, 2007

ProfitLance - Part2

Ok as promised, here I start the first part of the detailed ProfitLance review.Once you purchase ProfitLance, you will be given your username and password and from there you will be taken to your logon screen. You’ll see the Welcome page once you log on to the program. Here is a screenshot of the homepage:

In the Homepage screen itself , you can see how comprehensive the program is. Just going through all the information provided, I can tell you that there is a wealth of information here. If you are a beginner to making money online and you dont know much about anything; Adsense, Blogging, Clickbank affiliate commissions, Traffic, Advertising and more, then you will definitely benefit from this program.

After you login, you would see the following :

  • The Home/Welcome Page:Gives you an introduction to the program and guides you on to the next step.It states that the purpose of this program is to do the following:
  1. Understand

  2. Acquire skills

  3. Practically implement techniques
In this course, a lot of focus is given to practical implementation.
  • Getting Started: The next step is the ‘Getting started’ section where the format and structure of the member/private area is outlined. This screenshot shows you a preview of this section:

This section gives you :

  1. Breakdown of the layout of the program which is very helpful

  2. Top bar contains resources and tips for training purposes and tabs for managing your tasks and projects

  3. Sidebar lists:
  • Various ways for making money online with background information of the different money making strategies and programs and guidance to using these techniques.

  • Money Making websites – which we will visit later.

  • Video tutorials

Essential Steps :After visiting the 'Getting Started' section you are led to the next part of the program called ‘Essential Steps’. This part of the program shows you the initial steps to make money online:

  1. Create you Clickbank account

  2. Create your Blogger account

  3. and accounts

  4. And many other techniques

In my next post I will discuss in more detail the various techniques of ProfitLance such as the making money components, projects, websites and other resources the program provides. Keep reading :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


When I started out this blog to review the best products online, I had just bought ProfitLance. At a first look, it looked like it had a lot of good material. But I hadnt gone through it and hence had placed it at the third position. But now, after 2 weeks of using it, I have to say that ProfitLance is the BEST system available on the internet !! Believe me, it offers such good material that it is like a n university course on making money online. The ProfitLance website is continuously updated as new techniques and concepts are tested in the marketplace. To top it , it gives you 14 Free websites using which you can start making money using the techniques specified inside.
This is not a scam. I have not found a single negative review of this product on the net.
For the benefit of my readers, I would be describing in detail in my future posts, what you find inside the ProfitLance system. Keep reading :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ultimate Wealth Package

You might have heard a lot about Ultimate Wealth Package(UWP) by now. Obviously because it is the highest selling money making product online.Its creator Mark Warren promises instant money for you. So is this true ? Does this really work? Before I answer that question let us look at what UWP has to offer.

What you get when you order?
When you first order theUltimate Wealth Package, well,you get the Ultimate wealth package, you will then be taken to the members only page

First there is a Thank you message Personally from Mark Warren himself. Then you have the opportunity to view all the different streams of income offered.
1.His Free Money making Website
2.The Ultimate Wealth PackageGuide itself
3.Myspace Marketing
4.Selling with Ebay
5.Google Adsense
6.Affiliate Marketing
7.Money with Wholesale
8.Opt in mailings
9.Joint Venture success

That's just to name a few of the numerous options provided. If you know anything about Online marketing then you should know that these products alone would be worth 100s of dollars if bought separately.But wait, it doesn't stop there.
You'll also receive all of Marks personal notes providing all the details of his journey in becoming a millianire. These notes are quite valuable. In addition to the notes he offers a learning center for his members.

Learning Center?
In the Learning Center you will be introduced to series of articles that are designed to give you sight and tips on making money using the net. There's a List of over 30 articles in I found very helpful namely:
Secrets of Winning Traffic Through Search Engines
How to attract affiliates
Creating newsletters that sell as well as inform
PPC Advertising " How to make your business click"
Getting subscribers and generating leads for your newsletter

To top it all off he adds an audio learning center as well, the audio learning center is packed with audio interviews of successful Internet marketing guru's offering there advise and know how in the game.You can't put a price on some of the tips offered in these interviews there just mind blowing.
Finally last but not least you get unlimited customer support via email or phone and huge bonus of ebooks and software worth $1000 or more with complete resell rights. NOW THATS HUGE.

Is it worth the money?
Now you ask yourself,"Is it worth $49.95?", well lets look at what all we get. To start with, you get a free website, with all the different streams of income built in.These are worth their weight in gold,because they give you a platform to startand save you not only effort but also time, because we all know how precious that can be at times.Marks personal notes,the learning center,customer support,Bonus books and software worth $5000 and lots of re-sellable e-books. The best part is that there is a money back guarantee.

So the answer to this question is definitely YES it is worth it, you have nothing to lose, so go for it and give it a try.
I hope this breakdown was helpful for you all. I know how it can be to try someting new without an honest review from someone who really purchased the product. All I can say is good luck to you all with all your success.

Please note that success is proportional to the hard work you put in. So if you are ready to put in the effort, Ultimate wealth package provides you a platform to become successful.

Friday, June 1, 2007

AutoPilot Profits

As promised,the review for Autopilots Profit system is here.
"Autopilot Profits" by Ewen Chia(voted as the World’s No.1 Super Affiliate) has just been launched recently.It is one of the best products that he has came out with ever since "Super Affiliate" Program.

So what is "Autopilot Profits by Ewen Chia"?
"Autopilot Profits" as advertised in the website is a plug-n-play system which promises the possibility of earning money right away after watching the videos and reading his ebook. What it says is true in a way, but in my opinion you still need to put in some work to be able to make this system work. But the good thing is that the work to be put in is minimal at the start and it goes on autopilot once everything is set up according to his plan.

To make money online, you need a website, products, salespages etc..etc.. right? So It can be daunting when you do not have the skills to pull it off, plus it can waste your time and money "trying" to build an autopilot money making machine.

This is where "Autopilot Profits" comes in… It gives you the complete step by step "know-how" on getting started from scratch to autopiloting it for years to come. This is Ewen Chia’s BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESS that he uses to earn lots of money online. All these will be revealed, taught and tools given to you by Ewen.

When you get into the Autopilot Profits members area, you will find a lot of goodies waiting for you. Ewen not only provides a solid report, but he also gives you step-by-step videos which you can follow. These instructions are easy to follow yet powerful strategies which integrate core marketing principles. The PDF report is well laid out and easy on the eye, moreover it is an easy read and cuts a lot of unnecessary fluff that appear in a lot of other “make money online” ebooks.

In the first part, Ewen talks about how to select a niche with laser focus. He really gives you the steps that will enable you to find hot, untapped niches quickly, and also directs you to the tools that will help you in this quest. After you find a niche, you need a product. Ewen shows you two ways to acquire great products. This section is a must read!

Autopilot Profits then goes into how to generate quick traffic to your money-making machine. This is the real crucial part where many online entrepreneurs fail. However, if you follow the steps in the Autopilot Profits guide, I will be surprised if you do not start getting a steady flow of ready-to-buy visitors to your product or website. I especially like the section which shows you to utilize free traffic sources to their fullest.

To conclude the guide, Ewen then shows you how to put your business on autopilot. Once you do this, you can then expand into other niches and duplicate your success. As you can probably tell by now, Autopilot Profits is really a hands-on guide to making money online for the new and experienced entrepreneur. I highly recommend it and hence it takes the top spot in my list !!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I have created this blog to provide the list of top 10 money making websites every week.
First of all let me give a a small introduction on myself, I’m an ordinary 26 year old gal who’s very passionate about finding various methods of making money online. I’m rather new to Internet Marketing, been online for about a year and during these times, I have tried a lot of money making products out there! I can tell you with certainty that over 99% of them are pure SCAMS. Many just give you theoretical guidelines without actually showing you how to implement these methods. As such, it is hardly possible to make any money.
I have done a lot of research and invested a lot of time and effort before I could find genuine money making oppurtunities out there using which I have started generating REAL MONEY.
Hence I decide to start this blog in order to help people like you to make quick and safe decisions rather than waste time and money looking for genuine and proven money making products.

My vote for the top money making techniques would go to :

  1. Ewen Chia's Autopilot profits (If you are a beginner)
  2. Ultimate Wealth Package
  3. Profit Lance

Will tell you more on how I made loads of money and generated a continous passive income using these in my future posts...keep reading :)